Forlan Stud

Breeding for Temperament & Type for all of the family to enjoy

During the night oh boy did I have cramp, today Forlan Honey Wizard out with Forlan Cha Cha, general tidying up and checking all mares & stallions, a more leisurely day, lambs now down to 3 bottle feeds a day, eating course mix so will wean any time. Some gardening time. everything coming together as more busy times  ahead for the WPCS.

Mission accomplished

Brought in six stallions, much excitement, some knew they would be going out with their mares. First Humdingers mares taken across the top meadow down over the hill to the lower meadow with the help of Mary, back and caught up Forlan Humdinger sent Mary ahead of me to be ready to open the gate as I knew that when I reached the top of the hill Humdinger would be able to see his mares below, released him and away at a great speed down to join them, he was happy one mare very receptive.   Eppynt Superstars mares into a field and Superstar led out, again a very receptive mare.

Mares already in Forlan Masterminds field, released him from the yard and he raced up the avenue to join them no luck for him today.

Mares into Billy Elliot field, he was released and joined them, a little flirting taking place, and mares can be such a tease.

When I mention fields the stallions are always turned out in the same covering fields each year.

Two stallions remain in the stables tonight, would have liked to have leased Forlan Honey Wizard as he is very close breeding all of my mares except one. In limbo with Honey Sprite he may have to wait another year.

I have Forlan Tiggy still to foal; Bron-Y-Coed Charm may be in foal.

The rest of the daily work completed. Busy but it’s a way of life that I love.

The best laid plans

Ponies brought in as the farrier arrived, four mares very obliging, trimmed hooves, wormed, tidied manes & tails and foals wormed but one sensed something different so her hooves not trimmed until I can lure her out of the field, two expectant mares trimmed in their field. Tomorrow Forlan Billy Elliot, Forlan Mastermind, Forlan Humdinger & Eppynt Superstar will be out with their mares. Managed some gardening.


Book keeping

General book-keeping, when I was 17 I trained as a bookkeeper, also typing and shorthand so like to keep accounts in order. Managed some gardening and grass cutting. So an easy day.

Devon County & more

Devon County was dry and temperature comfortable, I had lovely ponies to judge some were not ready on that day but given time would shine. My champion was a very well put together stallion, loved his substance, he was returning today for The Cuddy and wow he won, so I will see him at HOYS. I am normally very positive but treaking all across the showground to reach my ring at 6.30am carrying mackintosh, bag, & boots was a step to far, partway across the showground begged a lift from a steward who had a Gator and arrived at the horse stewards. Well looked after and in the ring on time at 8am. Met up with Margaret Sperrin from Australia and wended our way back to Forlan, all well at home so was abled to relax, Margaret was able to look at some of the ponies before a meal. Saturday looked at the rest of the ponies and made our way over to Freshford not that far, as I drove down into the village I had a flashback of when I was four years old, there was a Cottage Maternity Hospital in the village which was where two of my sisters were born, it is now marked with a plaque, it closed in 1950. Met Margarets relatives and after lunch and a chat said goodbye and returned home, thank goodness I was not judging today it was so wet. All finished, the fields filled with competitors for the Morocross tomorrow


Up at 7am, loaded two ponies and over to the golf course Miss Sunshine & Honey Rhyme are delighted with there grazing. Moving ponies around another mare kicked out the one I was holding panicked and I ended up on the ground, all okay only a little shocked. Some of the mares have sore nostrils due to photosensitivity so treated with sun burn ointment, they were not impressed. Making lists for Molly who feeds the ponies dogs & lambs, housework completed, looking forward to judging Devon County, classes start at 8am and hope the sun shines as it is today, I am calling in to see Chris & Terry Taylor Christae Stud who I have not seen for many months on my way down to Exeter.

General tidying & repairs

All stables cleaned out. A crawler and tractor arrived with Burt & Graham to carry out work on roof of covered yard and to put in gate posts. Collected Postcreate and gate hangings.Visited Golf Course to see that all was ready to move ponies to the Nature Reserve in the middle of the course. Very pleased with the foals even though it is a colt year 8 colts 2 fillies, grass growing at a great rate, preparation ahead of judging at Devon County on Friday, last time I judged many years ago, it rained all day.

Easy day

Actually time to chill out after feeding ponies & lambs, after lunch had to collect sheep mix, visit bank and top up car with petrol, had ordered a bale 0f hay and a bale of straw which was delivered and then removed round baler so that a marquee could be erected for Motocross Sunday. Saturday the motocross course is prepared, taped ally ways and three fields today vacated by any stock, wagons start to roll in from about 4pm Saturday by late evening three fields are a sea of tents, motorhomes,  seven & half ton upwards carrying motocross bikes and all the gear that is needed, barbeques are lit and I have to make sure Rosie & Jess don’t sneak off as the smell lures them in.

Another productive day

Stables ready for the Farrier, Nigel Merret arrived at 2pm, 10 ponies hooves trimmed, 10 ponies manes & tails tidied. Eight ponies received there Tetanus cover, four foals with Elizabeths help were wormed.


A lovely day, after feeding ponies & lambs, decided it was a good idea to garden, the outside of the bungalow has been a much neglected beds and roses. Emptied dumper and loaded up some stone tiles, to stand the tiles on end making the beds deeper and added fresh soil, planted some ornamental grasses and flowers, already the roses are blooming, 12 noon fed the lambs and then cooked a rib eye steak rarely have red meat  with vegetables and onion gravy, then frozen strawberry yoghurt, two dogs waiting expectantly. In the back of my mind I know that I have six stables to prepare for tomorrow, farrier coming. Only manage two stable as I continued to garden. Pictures of some of my work today.