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My flight to Australia

The day had arrived for my flight, leaving home 19th November at 2.30am to arrive at Heathrow at 3.45am. My itinerary included a BA flight to Dusseldorf, then with Cathay Pacific to Melbourne; stopping over in Hong Kong. I was having some doubts about the magnitude of this journey especially as so many people had remarked: what travelling on your own? asked for special assistance (no not a wheelchair) but rather an escort. Very soon in Dusseldorf after leaving Heathrow at 7.15 am. You might say why Dusseldorf but the trip was made £1800 cheaper overall by including a flight to Germany each way. There were just 3 1/2 hours between flights. I was greeted with a glass of champagne as I boarded my Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong at 12.35 pm. I thought “I could get used to this!”.

I arrived in Hong Kong at 6.55am having received the best of service and very well catered for as I am gluten intolerant. I settled down for another wait; time to savour all that was on offer in the business lounge whilst waiting for my special assistance. Departure for Melbourne was at 10.20 am but this is where the only travel blip came in, the flight left without me….. now lots of possible reasons but could not really work out what had gone amiss. My daughter asked if I was worried ( I said it was part of the experience).

Cathay Pacific went into over drive and found a flight for me to leave that evening at 7.30 pm on Quantus; lots of contact with my daughter and Darryl and rearranged that he would be at Melbourne to greet me the following morning at 6.30am. Consequently I had an extended stay of over 12 hours in the business lounge in Hong Kong so now was the time to taste all that was on offer; including free noodles! I took my lead from watching the Chinese business men but could not get the hang of slurping the noodles down whilst holding the bowl close to my mouth and certainly not with chop sticks. On to Quantas, another glass of champagne, excellent service, slippers, pyjamas and overnight toiletries provided and I did manage to sleep for about six hours, finally touchdown in Melbourne on 20th November.

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