Breeding for Temperament & Type for all of the family to enjoy

Mission accomplished

Brought in six stallions, much excitement, some knew they would be going out with their mares. First Humdingers mares taken across the top meadow down over the hill to the lower meadow with the help of Mary, back and caught up Forlan Humdinger sent Mary ahead of me to be ready to open the gate as I knew that when I reached the top of the hill Humdinger would be able to see his mares below, released him and away at a great speed down to join them, he was happy one mare very receptive.   Eppynt Superstars mares into a field and Superstar led out, again a very receptive mare.

Mares already in Forlan Masterminds field, released him from the yard and he raced up the avenue to join them no luck for him today.

Mares into Billy Elliot field, he was released and joined them, a little flirting taking place, and mares can be such a tease.

When I mention fields the stallions are always turned out in the same covering fields each year.

Two stallions remain in the stables tonight, would have liked to have leased Forlan Honey Wizard as he is very close breeding all of my mares except one. In limbo with Honey Sprite he may have to wait another year.

I have Forlan Tiggy still to foal; Bron-Y-Coed Charm may be in foal.

The rest of the daily work completed. Busy but it’s a way of life that I love.