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Fayre Waterfall


                                            FAYRE WATERFALL



This is the 53th year of the FORLAN STUD.

One of our first foundation mares was FAYRE WATERFALL who we purchased from Fayre Oaks as a foal in 1968. Waterfall arrived on the farm after we had become thoroughly tired of letting our land for grazing cattle especially bulling heifers that were forever getting out, it was decided that something else should take their place.

We decided to look at ponies primarily as our children were young and might like to ride. Having looked at several Native Breeds it came down to the Welsh Mountain Pony.

1967 saw our first visit to Fayre Oaks and the following year was momentous because we bought our first welsh mountain pony Fayre Waterfall  as a foal. Trying to load her that day did not prove easy (I had only ever had experience with Show jumpers and Eventer etc)                                                     Looking back I remember two stalwart members of the WPCPS Mr. Llewellyn Richards and Waterfalls breeder Mr. Theron Wilding Davies arriving on the scene and helping us to load our new acquisition. Arriving home she settled easily into her new home.

Two days later I decided to lead her out, a big mistake you do not lead a foal as though she is a well trained riding pony and in a flash she took off, I landed flat on my face hanging on for grim death, as at the time a lot of our farm was arable, there being no fences, had she escaped she could have travelled for miles

As I said previously I was used to equines that were broken in, but showing in hand was a new experience for me, a real learning curve, there followed lots of practice in the schooling paddock but we got our act and together over the years Waterfall won many rosettes.

Her first foal was by Clan Pip, a colt Forlan Grey Falls, not a good looking foal, but very successful in gymkhanas and jumping  then she had a colt foal by Bengad Nepeta and Eeureka in 1976 she produced Forlan Welsh Honey by Revel Torc laying down a foundation for our stud and more lovely sisters of Honeys followed, more colts, but they were always average, Waterfalls daughters were her forte, it was only at the age of 25 having put her to Wilcrick Saturn she produced her very best colt a dun Forlan What Ho

Another Fayre Waterfall daughter who contributed so much to Forlan was Forlan Welsh Melody, a lovely breeder we decided to sell her when she was ten and bought her back when she was fifteen,  one daughter Forlan Miss Molly remains in the stud,

5 generations on, Waterfalls descendants are spread over three continents. Waterfall’s filly foals name began with Welsh……. i.e.

Welsh Honey, Welsh Melody, Welsh Lace, Welsh Cream, Welsh Maid, after all it was not easy to find that many names beginning with W, then all of her daughter’s foals names began with the second name of their dam.

On the lighter side although Waterfall was never broken in she would allow our children and their friends to ride bareback, when she tired of her little riders she would drop a shoulder and they would gently slide to the ground.

Waterfalls temperament charmed everybody and she passed this lovely nature down through all her descendants many who are now doing so well in lead rein and performance classes with great success. In the spring of 1996 Waterfall looked tired and showing her age and the decision was made to put her down, she is buried in a paddock under an oak tree where she spent many happy hours. She was put to sleep on the Monday and on the following Thursday I opened the Horse & Hound and in the Prizewinners  was her last foal then four years old Forlan What Ho.

We have missed Waterfall over the years, but through her we made many friends and as the years go by we are always reminded of our foundation mare when we look at so many of her descendants that remain at Forlan.