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Lifes dramas

Having been woken up by my house alarm at 3.30am, suggesting prowlers, I was thankful that last year I had a full security system installed.

I felt so sorry for the ponies today the horse flies were horrendous and the ponies were not cooperative and I had to remove a mare from Masterminds field, caught Mastermind and put him in the next field, then I caught the mare but the foal would not follow, so plan B run the mares in the passageway and caught the mare again & foal followed this time, I returned the others to their field and allowed Mastermind back in, he was very cross. I then caught the four year old gelding Honey Milord and stabled him, by this time I was soaked in perspiration. I was ready for a shower when I received a call to say that a car had had crashed into a field of mine off the A420, the fourth this year in fact on average four cars crash in the same area each year, each time the fence has to be repaired,  arranged for the car to be removed from the field as the car had to be lifted over the fence, the driver was very lucky to escape with minor injuries. Refreshed I enjoyed a leisurely lunch with a friend, great to relax for a few hours before returning home. Hope that is the end of any more drama today.