Breeding for Temperament & Type for all of the family to enjoy

In preparation

Forlan Honey Sprite now out in a field but as yet no mares, all peaceful with the other stallions & mares. Honey Bubbles now in a lovely field of grass with Dazzler. My weekly shop was today, supermarket very busy. The bottle fed lambs now down to two feeds a day, when the milk runs out that is it, any way they are eating hard food. The lawns are all cut and I spent a couple of hours gardening. I shall have few relaxing days before a busy weekend Tuesday 7th June cocktails on the lawns of The Mansion House in Cardiff and then on 12th Lunch on the Mall. The Patron’s Lunch is a truly ‘Great British’ street party to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen on the occasion of her 90th Birthday. 10,000 guests will celebrate on The Mall in London on Sunday 12th June 2016.