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In Memory of Brian

written for a local magazine

The Forlan Stud

Nestled on the edge of the Cotswold, overlooking and running down to the village of Ford is the Forlan Stud, with its lovely hill and ancient woodland host to many grasses & wild flowers. The perfect environment to breed Welsh Mountain Ponies. Established in 1968 by Brian & Betty French, welsh mountain ponies have foaled and thrived on the hills and meadows. Brian died in 2010 on 1st June a day after his 79th birthday; we had been together for 48 years and of the many blessings were our two children Jeremy & Sara and grandchildren Charlotte & Freyja. With the children’s support it was time to take stock and I had to choose my own path, well the Forlan Stud has continued, the farm has been improved and I have had continued success with my ponies and have sold to fourteen countries. I am now President of the WPCS and have many duties, also very exiting is the pony that I bred has become a mascot for the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards. Brian is not here to take part in this special year, I have missed him but more than ever this year.