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Glamorgan WPCA

I was looking forward to attending the Glamorgan WPCA last night and as 1 entered the village hall at Pontyclun memories flooded back and so many people I knew , over 40 years ago a posse of members travelled from over the bridge which included myself, Brian, George & Peggy, Ableton Stud, Sheila Johnsey the Wilcrick stud and Frank and Jean of the Vimpenny stud accompanied by our children to have an evening of fun and laughter, it would have been good that time could have stood still but many of us had lost friends and family members but there were four golden oldies collectively over 333 years, Jean Pritchard, myself , Wynne and Ruth Davies’s.
I was there to talk about my year as president and after an excellent Christmas meal, hope that all present enjoyed my talk. Afterwards some games, photos and lots of catching up.
I had been asked by Jean Pritchard to stay for the night and arriving at her home we sat and chatted about our many memories and enjoyed a cup of chocolate with a top up of alcohol, after a good night’s sleep I headed for home arriving at 12noon. Thank you to everyone who attended and made my evening.