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Devon County & more

Devon County was dry and temperature comfortable, I had lovely ponies to judge some were not ready on that day but given time would shine. My champion was a very well put together stallion, loved his substance, he was returning today for The Cuddy and wow he won, so I will see him at HOYS. I am normally very positive but treaking all across the showground to reach my ring at 6.30am carrying mackintosh, bag, & boots was a step to far, partway across the showground begged a lift from a steward who had a Gator and arrived at the horse stewards. Well looked after and in the ring on time at 8am. Met up with Margaret Sperrin from Australia and wended our way back to Forlan, all well at home so was abled to relax, Margaret was able to look at some of the ponies before a meal. Saturday looked at the rest of the ponies and made our way over to Freshford not that far, as I drove down into the village I had a flashback of when I was four years old, there was a Cottage Maternity Hospital in the village which was where two of my sisters were born, it is now marked with a plaque, it closed in 1950. Met Margarets relatives and after lunch and a chat said goodbye and returned home, thank goodness I was not judging today it was so wet. All finished, the fields filled with competitors for the Morocross tomorrow